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Zero Lawn Liquid-Moss Killer 5 Ltr.

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  • Fast acting moss remover
  • Kills lawn moss deep down into the roots without turning your lawn black
  • No need to scarify (rake off moss)
  • Easy to mix formula
  • Can be used again in throughout the entire year
  • 1 litre of concentrate covers 400 sq yards
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Zero Lawn Liquid is fast acting, easy to mix and works to help your lawn become moss free. Zero Lawn Liquid keeps your lawn in tip-top condition. It provides a rich green lawn which suppresses moss growth. Zero Lawn Liquid works rapidly killing lawn moss right down to the root structure. It will also strengthen your lawn and help to create a rich green colour. If possible, cut your grass a couple days before applying Zero Lawn Liquid. It can be applied in dry calm weather when rain is promised.

For larger areas, two days after applying Zero, we recommend to use in combination with Osmo Moss Remover as it contains a slow release fertiliser for optimal grass restoration without forcing growth. It helps create a super rich green colour while also feeding your lawn for the entire Autumn / Winter period. If your lawn is prone to moss, apply Zero Lawn Liquid every 4 to 6 weeks to help keep your lawn moss free.

Application Rate:
Mix 1 part Zero to 10 parts water; mix 1 litre Zero to 10 litres of water to make up 11 Litres of treatment to cover 400 sq yds. Apply every 6 weeks to the entire grass area. Ensure your knapsack sprayer, sprayer or watering can is clean and has not being used previously for weed killers.

6% Chelated Ferrous Citrate

Do not allow the concentrated liquid or diluted liquid drift, spill, splash or drip onto hard surface areas including walls, kerbing, tarmac, patios, or concentre areas or features as staining will occur. Wash off any spillages with clean water immediately to help reduce staining. Use clean equipment when applying the treatment to your lawn. Wash out all equipment after use. Always wear protective clothing and footwear.

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