Fencing Pliers

Fencing Pliers

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Hammering or removing staples

Ideal for any fencing job

The Fencing Pliers is strong and durable and is an essential piece of fencing equipment. The hammer head can be used for knocking in staples to hold fencing wire to a post. The spike can be driven under an old staple and then used to loosen it and lever it out. At the top  of the head in the middle are pincers that can be used for the same thing by gripping the staple and then rocking the head over.Finally there is a textured gripping surface at the top of the handles below the pivot. This can be used to grip wire for tensioning, squeeze the ends of loops together or just hold something in. It has a steel body for durability and rubber grip handle for comfort. It gives farmers reliable performance whether you are cutting, bending, pulling or any kind of fencing duties.

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