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Provimi Calf Milk Replacer

Provimi Calf Milk Replacer

ProviMilk calf milk replacers have been developed to mix easily and are highly palatable with distinctive flavouring, important features for stabilising intakes in young calves. They contain NuStart which promotes healthy rumen development, encourages solid feed intake, improves feed conversion efficiency & promotes a healthy gut. It has a unique combination of essential oils, prebiotics, functional fibres and natural antioxidants.

Provimi Daisy Calf Milk Replacer. Strong performance in dairy and beef calves.  Whey based. Fat 18% & Protein 22%.

Provimi Professional Calf Milk Replacer. High performance and affordable calf rearing. Skim based. Fat 17% & Protein 22%.

Provimi Elevator Calf Milk Replacer. Superior replacement heifer rearing. Whey based.  Fat 17% & Protein 26%.

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